Maharani was founded in 1970 by Neena Aggarwal in India. Ms. Aggarwal is a pioneering businesswoman, whose design skills propelled Maharani from a leading Indian garment and leather goods manufacturer in the seventies to a famous jewellery company in the past decade. Maharani is vertically integrated in the jewellery business. The firm designs, manufactures, distributes and retails its own products. Maharani's jewellery products are mostly handmade and one-of-kind creations. The firm is a trendsetter with its contemporary jewellery designs. Its clientele includes royalty and famous people the world over. In addition, Maharani manufacturers custom jewellery for several reputed jewellery companies in the United States under the buyers' brands.
Ms. Neena Aggarwal
"Maharani is recognized as a glamourous jewellery company with its unique hallmark for design, craftsmanship and customer service."

Maharani's flagship retail store is in the lobby of Hotel Hilton Towers in Bombay. The company caters to its clients worldwide through private and public exhibitions and fashion shows. The group has held private showings in London, New York and Dubai among other destinations, and participates in exhibitions like the Jewelers of America (JA) show in New York, USA. Maharani's US affiliate, Mantra Fashions LLC, is located in New York.
Maharani's jewellery factories are all in Bombay, India. The firm has institutionalized stringent quality control systems in its manufacturing processes.

The firm employs over 130 skilled workers and has a production capacity of approximately 250 pieces of finished, high-end handmade products every month.

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